This is another form of the Furby. They come in many forms of evil. This one will freeze you in one glance, and cause frostbite to your appendages. A woman in Arizona lost her nose to one of these creatures. The Furby got close, froze her nose, and it dropped right off:


Evil Furbies have been spotted in many places!!!! They're now all around the world!

This one was spotted in Hawaii, it says "Aloha" and then kills your kids.

These are a series of Furby-Produced websites that should how gruesome the Furby can be:

The Killing Index!!!!

This Japanese Furby loves saki. He'll poke you with chopsticks, make you eat raw fish, and forces you to live in very, very small places

In Spain, Furbies steal cars and ride around with their left blinkers on just to annoy people:

Furby's have apparently made commercials now also. I saw some of these on Animal Planet! I was told that they made these commercials to just get near these helpless animals, and then they ATE THEM! The commercials were run anyway cause they cost alot of money. So I was told.

Ate it.

Ate it.

And in New York, the Furbies are terrorizing the city by posing as bike messengers (as if the real ones weren't annoying enough!) This Furby is pretending it is scared, but 2 minutes later, it cut off a school bus with 45 children and 4 nuns aboard, causing them to crash to their deaths. 75th Street was tied up for hours.

And back to my story........

As Bud was yanked from the tank by the Furby, I was startled by the loud sound of music and turned to see my lovely hamsters, doing their morning aerobics to the tune of "Cop Killa" by NWA (or maybe it was Bone Thugs 'N Harmony, I can't tell the difference). They are quite the fans of the rap music. For this workout, they chose to be in the buff, just their little hamsterly fur sticking out at angles. I screamed over the music -- "MY BELOVED HAMSTER BUDDIES, HOW CAN YOU WORK OUT AT A TIME OF DISASTER LIKE THIS!!!!!! MISHA HAS BEEN KILLED, AND BUD'S LIFE IS HANGING IN THE BALANCE!!!!!" Apparently they couldn't hear me over "Cop Killa", and they kept bouncing up and down, up and down, to the time of the music, rudely ignoring my screams:

But then........ the phone rang!!!

Oh my GOD, can I take anymore stress right now? When I picked up the phone, it was my friend, Robin. I shouted to her over the blaring music, Bud flopping, and the tap, tap, tapping of the hamsters doing some hip-hop fancy dance. "HELLO ROBIN!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME OVER THE NOISE OF DESTRUCTION IN MY HOUSE??????" She yelled back, "NOT REALLY!!!!!!! FOR MY DEMENTED DOGS ARE HOWLING ON MY END." I said, "COULD YOU CALL ME BACK? MAYBE AFTER MY HOUSE HAS BEEN BURNED DOWN BY MY VISCOUS FURBY?" Robin screamed "SURE."

I finally turned off that blasted music, and boy did those hamsters throw a shit fit. And saw that my Bud was nowhere to be seen! But that furby was on this ugly chair. There he was, after catching my Burt (I made a very educated guess at this fact, because Bud's butt was HANGING OUT OF THAT HORRID FURBY'S MOUTH!!!!!!!!! After this gross Furby swallowed my Burt whole, "GLUMP", "BURP", he trotted back in to the kitchen to get.... a KNIFE! Here he is, after getting the kife, threatening my lovely precious Fifi (the beanie baby)with that horrid knife. Now it was being held over Fifi's head, just waiting to fall and sever her head appendage!!!!!!!

Here is a better picture of FiFi in much better times:

February 16th, 1999:

Another reader, Dan Monahan proclaims: "Can I have your furby? I want a mean furby so it can beet (his/her spelling, come on readers, this is an "educated" site!!) up other furbys and maybe tell some people off for me. I could take him on if he got out of control"

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