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If you think it needs work or did not like it, please write your comments in my guestbook!!! Tell me what I should change and why.

Would you like to know the ending??????

Would you like to know what happened in my little home with the corroded, devil Furby? Please write me and let me know that you are on the edge of your seat, fighting back your anticipation, cannot live another day until you know what happened!!!!!!!!!! And maybe I'll finish my story (depending on when I get out of the hospital (a little foreshadowing), and only have 5 surgeries to repair what that Furby-ish thing did to me. E-mail me and pronounce your profound curiosity!!!!!!!!! I might deem to quell your suspicions.

And I LOVE your e-mails. I probably will include your name and your comments in my story!!!!!! And you'll make me so happy, I'll give you a.....

SO E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

(Isn't he cute????!!!!!!)

Betsy Barker


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Here is a wonderful link to another person who is having trouble with the world of stuffed toys and their evilness. Please beware, this site is rather adult, but talks about the evilness that toys can bring!!!!!!!!! Will the horror ever stop?

Bert is Evil!!!!!

Here's another site that is for the "grownups." Good way to get rid of one of those Furby's that are eating your household. Wish I had this information to begin with!!!!!!!

How To Screw Up A Furby!!!!!

Have a dead Furby you want to make useful? Here's some Uses for Furbys

101 Uses For Furbys

Here is a horrid site for placing your Furby IN A SACK!!!!!!! How horrible!!!! Even though the devilish things are destructive, do we really have to stuff them in to a dark hole and close the top????????? These people must be German.

The Furby Sack

Would you like practice at microwaving a Furby? A chance to pull his little evil ears off? Go here!!!!!!!!!

Assasinatte A Furby!!!!

Visit the new wonderful FURBY CHATROOM!!!!! Waaaaaaaa hoooooooo, can you believe it? Whatta world!!!!!!! Now you can talk with your family members and friends about how weird this site really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Evil Furby Chat Page!!!!!

Betsy Barker

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