This is a picture of a Katie, whose fingers were mutilated by her own Furbies when she generously took them on a nature walk in the woods, when she could have been going to that 5-minute meet and greet where you might get a new boyfriend. These ungrateful Furbies suddenly attacked with no warning. I don't know why she took this picture while her fingers were being chomped upon, or how, but she did............

(WARNING!!!!! Please don't look below if you are squeamish!)

I'm warning you.......

It's really, really bad...........

Okay, here it is...........

ACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Katie called her friend Ben on her now bloody cell phone and told him to pick her up in the woods and drive her to the emergency room. When Ben got there, the Furbies had fled, but you could still hear their cackling ringing throughout the woods. Katie asked Ben to take this picture before they left for the emergency room (she's really, really sick)(or maybe she knew I was gonna make this website)......

A horrible (I repeat) HORRIBLE Furby generated joke:


Gizmo is a genetic, freaked-up mutation of Furby. These three were seen on the outskirts of New Jersey. (Isn't Jersey bad enough without these demons?) They were seen entering a nightclub shortly afterwards, stinking drunk with cheap polyester jackets on and rented ties. They left with rest room condoms and a bottle of rum. (By the by, do Furbies have IDs? Aren't they too short to have their pictures taken at the DMV? Why would a DMV employee issue an ID to a toy????? Well, um, forget it, it's the DMV..... How did they reach the condom machine? I don't want to be rude, but just what would they put a condom ON????? Do they have urinals THAT low? How did they flush? Maybe it was, you know, one of those trough thingies ((ugg))??? I KNOW they didn't wash their hands afterwards.....)

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???? And why is it on my page bouncing around?

This is Furby's idea of an Easter prank, stealing my chocolate Easter bunny from my pink and yellow Easter basket, and viciously chomping the ears off:

For the rest of his life, all this bunny could utter was....


My Easter was RUINED.

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