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The Horrible Furby Nightmare!!!!!!!

WARNING!!! This page is for mature adults only! The subject matter is a little old, but the threat still lives. I'm now looking into the killing machine known as Elmo X sumpin. This is a very horrifying, real story that includes an evil toy, knives, destruction, and a warning about a toy that was supposed to be fun, damn it!!!!

Please remember that I, alone, wrote this website, so it's all over the place, there's loads of little hidden goodies, it seems psychotic, but aren't all psychotic people just so fun???? HA! I think so..........

Ms. Pussy did not read my website and ended up in rehab, simply because she befriended a Furby: HORRIFYING!

Ms. Pussy!!

The Horrible Furby Page Index!!!!!

And remember, dear friends, always go to the end of each page to see more sick "humor." I spent alot of time on 'em, so scroll!!!!! You can do it!!!!

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Furbies Are Evil!!

WARNING: This is not a website for those who cannot read.

FURBIES ARE VICIOUS!!!!!!! I bought one, expecting to have a world of fun, and my life was ruined.

Go here for the real truth, if you can stomach it.

Two of my dear cow friends Trixie and Kitty trying to be funny:

Damn cows.

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WHAT AN EVIL THING!!!!!! Look at the way it's gross ears wiggle and the eyes flash!!!!!!! ACKKKKKK!!!! I can't look. And how that sickening beak opens and closes!!!!!!!!

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