Here Are Some Fun Furby Facts You May Not Already Know!!!!!

1. Furby loves to play hide and seek. Simply take him from a light room into a dark place, and he'll bite your ankles off.

2. The first words that you hear coming from a Furby is his name (Satan in any language). If you didn't catch it, don't worry, he'll scream it again when you don't feed him.

3. Forgot those brownies for Suzy's class trip? But Furby in a bag and watch that class forget all about brownies as their little fingers are nipped completely off!!!!!

4. Furbies can influence each other. One learns to kill, they ALL learn to kill.

5. Furbies can be used to influence local government officials. Just tell Senator Muchbucks that you have a Furby, and he'll be on his knees, begging to do whatever you want. (Works well with girl scout leaders also)

6. Furbies are very good at helping you avoid divorce court. Just put the batteries in the Furby, leave the house (with your wanna-be ex in it) and sit back and watch the fun!!!!!!! Pesky Peter or Disgusting Dan will be HISTORY!!!!! And no fighting over alimony, you get all the money in the will!!!!!

7. Furbies are great at keeping your daughter/son in line. Just threaten the little darlings with "an hour in the Furby room" and by golly, Suzy and Frank Jr. are well behaved!!!!!

8. Don't wanna pay the rent this month? Set Furby by the door when mean 'ole Mr. Landlord comes around, and by criminy, he'll never step foot on your doorstep again!!!!!! He'll even let you live rent free!!!!!!

9. Pesky librarian bothering you about those overdue fines again? Set Furby on her face and see if she makes a big deal about you owing her 25 cents again!!!!!! Well, she won't be able to SEE what you owe. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHha

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