See The Atrocities Furby Has Wrought!!!!!

After burning down my house and ruining my life, my Furby and many others have been wreaking havoc amongst Massachusettsians (phew, what a mouthful). Here is some of the damage Furby's have caused on the East Coast.


Put on your seatbelts

Put down that drink

Prepare to be shocked

Here, Elmo from Sesame Street has been MADE IN TO A BACKPACK!!!!!!! Oh no, what will this devil Furby do next? Look at the straps that this horrid Furby SEWED on to Elmo!!!!!!!! That must have stung!!!!

Furby also got Elmo hooked on smack:

Furby even made innocent Raggedy Anne And Andy in to a tea set for his own goulish pleasure!!!!!! He sells these on the internet!!!!! Don't go and buy one of these hellish toys!!!!!

A Cabbage Patch Kid had lunch at McDonald's with a Furby -- ONE LUNCH --and when he returned home, his mom, Mrs. Cabbage Patch was being interviewed by a reporter (for her successful Cabbage Patchness) ......... This is what happened!!!! Click below!!!

Cabbage Patch Mutation!!!!

This in the normal Peter Rabbit in much better times. Isn't he so cute????

(I'm warning you, the next picture is VERY hard to look at!)

But that Furby got ahold of him, forced him to put wheels on his tender little paws (OUCH!!!) and roll around the floor until the Furby's entertainment quota was full for the day!!!!!!

Satan Furby influenced the sweet Arthur to RIP HIS FRIEND'S HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS!!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!

(I can't look)(They get worse with every atrocity)

Madeline and her friend Sally were simply slaughtered.....

This Tiger Fluffy was impaled upon a human hand. That must be really uncomfortable!

Garfield was pummeled in the back soooo hard, his tongue is stuck in this position:

This condominimum, across town from my house, was burned to the ground, most of the beanies and other stuffies escaping into the dark, dark of night. The Furby is one for playing with matches, the little creatin. This whole complex was RUINED!!!!!! Some of the beanies still can't get the smoke out of their fur.

When the beanies and stuffies ran to their cars in the parking lot of the condo, this was all they saw.......

And this..........

That horrid Furby has TRASHED THEIR TRANSPORTATION!!!!!! (And Muffy The Manatee had just bought this brand new Ferrari with her "Save The Manatee" donation money) The SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only fluffy to escape from Furby's wrath. How does he do it?

The Cheat Death Kitty!!!!

Does this cat have more than 9 lives????????

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