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Some sample dirty Furby language:

Me: You would like to kill your mother, wouldn't you?

Furby: You very happy

Me: Are you the Anti-Christ?

Furby: Me very happy

Me: Do you have fangs?

Furby: Me very happy

Me: Did you burn my house down?

Furby: You very happy

Me: Screw you.

Furby: Me like kisses

You can tell from the above very intelligent discourse that this Furby knows something and is not giving up any information. Even when I, Miss Betsy, was VERY RUDE, and unspeakably CRUDE and said that last sentence.......... HE WOULD NOT RESPOND WITH AN INTELLIGENT ANSWER!!!!!!! I personally think now that Furby's have terrorist training, and are used to being in the jungles of Sarejo Warlands. They are armed to the teeth with intellect, cunning, and brutish behavior. BEWARE MY FELLOW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!

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