Pre-Madness Furby Interview

I should have had these interpreted!!!!!!!!

ME: Hi Furby, how are you?

FURBY: kah a-loh (I'm mean and I'm nasty)

ME: That's great. Let me ask you my first question, people say that you may just be a new toy fad, is that true? Are you just a one year Christmas Wonder?

FURBY: kah toh-loo loo-loo (Did you call Hitler and the Holocaust a One Year Wonder?)

ME: So you believe that you are here to stay?

FURBY: kah mee-mee noo-loo (Just try to make me leave Biotch)

ME: OK Great, so you're here to stay. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

FURBY: kah toh-loo loo-loo (*%%%%*******#######) (Can't translate, too many bad words)

ME: Im sorry, Im not following.

FURBY: koh-koh doo-moh (Boy, I thought they aborted dead fetuses like you.)

ME: Never mind, let's move on. There are some issues with scalping Furby's, elevating the cost to well over $100. Are there any plans to address this?

FURBY: kah ay-ay e-tah (Who do you think is scalpin em pinhead?)

ME: OK great, what measures are going to be taken?

FURBY: Ko-may-bee (What? I wasn't listening, I was looking at that delicious Twinkie. Gimme, gimme)

ME: Im sorry, I don't follow. Is this issue going to be addressed?

FURBY: kah toh-loo (GOD, YOU'RE A ASSHOLE)

ME: OK, whatever. Lets move on. There have been some questions about you being the DEVIL in a few Message Boards, could you please address this?

FURBY: kah toh-loo u-nye u-nye noo-loo (I am the devil. Didn't the red fangs tip ya off?)

ME: Well I'm not too happy right now, I just need to get a answer from you, ARE YOU THE DEVIL?

FURBY: kah mee-mee noo-loo (No shit Sherlock)

ME: Are you saying that you are happy being the DEVIL?

FURBY: kah mee-mee noo-loo (BURP, FART)

ME: What does that mean? You have already said that, can you please answer my question, ARE YOU THE DEVIL?

FURBY: kah a-loh (Boy, this Biotch doesn't hear very well)

ME: That's it, Im stopping this interview. Is there any last statements you would like to make?

FURBY: kah toh-loo u-nye u-nye noo-loo (Your father dresses like a woman and enjoys lingerie from Victoria's Secret)

If anyone would like to respond to this interview, please email me.

If I had only had the correct translation!!!! My house would not be burned to a crisp!!!!!


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