The Indestructo Furby Hurt Line!!!!

Here it is kiddies. What you've been waiting for. Now, your Furby can actually destroy your family as you play with it. Let it whip your kid brother into submission, torture the cat until it just a giant, non-breathing furball. Give this wonderful Furby attachment to your Furby today to start the fun!!!!!

With this little Furbie Add-On,many little fingers can be destroyed, or even removed!!!! See as Mom rides the pain highway when Furby chops off her little pinkie!!!!!

These are all the rage!!!!! Let your Furby roam the neighborhood with this firearm and watch as it destroys your townhouse!!!! Every evil Furby enjoys gun power. Accessorize your Furby to really let his testosterone flow!!!!!

Just can't get your Furby to make you an orphan? Try these attachments to the Evil Furby. It guarantees Gramma will be running for Florida!!!!!!

As with all these attachments, hand to Furby and watch him go wild. But be sure you leave the house fast kiddies!!!!! Boy, will Mom be mad when she has to pay for not one funeral, but THREE!!!!!!!! Your dad's, sister Emily, and the dog's!!!!!!!! But you'll both enjoy the laugh afterwards as you and Mom set off for the Caribbean on a sailing vessel with Dad's life insurance money!!!!!!

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