And on with the story (again)!!!........

I suddenly had another unbelievable urge for Ho-Ho's,

If you are not familiar with Ho-Ho's (gasp, you're not????) here's a site that will tell you all about them:

The Ho-Ho Page!!!!!

and I had just eaten the whole 25 piece package that I had -- so I ran out my door, hoping the Furby would keep playing with my stolen earrings -- and ran to the Store 24.

which is actually only a Store 15 or so..... I knew that I left the Devil Furby in my kitchen, but my yearning for Ho-Ho's knew no boundaries, and if I didn't replenish my body with their rich goodness, I would faint. Rashid at Store 15 saw me rush in, grab the Ho-Ho's and rush to the counter.

Here is a great picture of Rashid outside of Store 24 (sometimes 15)

He said, "Why you be in so much hurry madam?" "Well, Rashid, I have an evil Furby bastard in my house who is bent on destroying my life, killing all my animals, and probably want to burn my house, but my yearning for Ho-Ho's was wicked bad and I had to have some." Rashid looked at me like I was the only heterosexual at the Gay Rights Parade, wearing a pinstriped suit, with tie, and patent leather shoes with those short white crinkly socks, holding a sign that said "Fags go home." He never really did like me anyway....... I think it had something to do with his camel, Mr. Woo,

Press here to hear Mr. Woo saying nasty things about me:

That BASTARD!!!! Did you hear what he said????

Anywho, Rashid was still mad at me for trying to "fix" Mr. Woo by tying his "essentials" with twist and tie thingies. I didn't want unwanted, uncared for camels in the neighborhood, or wild camel sex happening right on my street. His exact words to me were, "My camel needs balls, women, with sex under the starlight, bootie call, back dat thang up, mumble, mumble." He was flushed and his turban was tipped to one side. I should have read up on Indian cultural norms and thoughts on castration before I attempted to make Mr. Woo a safe and un-sex-less wonder. My bad.

While Rashid mumbled on about white women, castration and the plight of the camel in downtown Boston, I grabbed some Store 24 chips (yummy), some of those great Store 24 novelty items, like the Pokeman key chain, and a miniature lava lamp, and some Doritos. I piled all my items on to the countertop, and began frantically trying to see behind Rashid, to quickly pick some condoms that I thought a camel might use. I was determined not to have any "shortie Mr. Moo's" around, and maybe I could just attach a birth control device right to Mr. Moo's, ahem, reproductive tract, and that would solve the problem. The difficulty was, which one would Mr. Woo like bettter?

Was Mr. Woo a "shortie" himself? He might like these:

Or maybe Mr. Woo was what they call -- well-endowed! Then he'd need these:

But................ these really caught my eye...... how Clever! Store 24 always has the best ideas in marketing. I really loved this one:

I would take that one. Nobody would even suspect that I was carrying a birth control device when it looked like a tree!

To be continued...........

From the Guestbook:

Adam is afraid of his Furby -----

My Advice to him:

Dear Adam:

I feel for you. I know how scary even an "unbatteried" Furby can be. My suggestion is that you take your Furby to a Catholic church, use the holy water on both yourself and the ugly Furby. His forehead will turn bright red when you do this, and just fan away the smoke. Proceed to the alter where you should have a priest waiting. You should take communion, and the Furby should be nailed to the cross. Throw holy water on the Furby while you and the priest chant JESUS CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!!! He will soon burn up and die. But be sure to tell the priest that there will be a terrible odor in the church for the next 2 weeks. They may wanna cancel services.

I hope you have luck in getting rid of your Furby. Oh, and wear gloves.

Mickey is going on a rampage. I think he needs medication:

To be continued.........