E-Bay Furby Drug Traffickers On The Loose!!!!!!

This ad was discovered on E-Bay by a friend of mine named Greg who said he bid on this, (for curiousity's sake only) and was e-mailed by...... a FURBY! He was so shocked that he got the Furby's address and went to see him. The Furby was living in the South End of Boston in a run-down drug den and the Furby even demanded CASH! Greg said he was so surprised that he handed his cash over to the Furby and walked away, stunned, with the cocaine. Greg said he was still so flabbergasted that he had to do a whole kilo of the cocaine before he came to his senses. Since then, Greg has bought a pink Cadillac, has ne-er-do-wells hanging around him, and he sniffs all the time.

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