Other    Horrors    of    Furby

These are several horrors that the Furby has masterminded:

This particularly horrible episode happened when a Furby in Philadelphia kidnapped an innocent child and forced these electrodes on her head. The child was quite unaware that the Furby Satanbeast was going to FRY HER BRAIN!!!!!! (God, I can still hear it SIZZLING!!!!!)

This man told me that this is how he looked when he spotted a terrifying Furby drinking gin with his wife, whooping it up, smoking his cigars, playing his CD's, wearing his clothes, and actually using his very own toothbrush (the horror)! When he let out a blood curdling scream at the scene, his wife and the furry beast ran off together and have never been seen again. (The Furby kept the toothbrush.)

This is all that remains of little baby Eric, who was last seen stroking, giggling, and playing with a vicious Furby Beast. Of course there was a closed casket.

This is a near disaster ready to happen. My friend's guinea pig, Mr. Scampers, is stalked by a Furby, here ready to pounce and mutilate. WATCH OUT MR. SCAMPERS!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!

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