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Understanding Your Bird

Understanding your pet bird can be confusing since we always tend to reference our understanding by what we know about the world. If your bird does something that is objectionable, we tend to want to scold it. But your bird does not understand this reference. Your bird will only understand being praised for things that it does correctly, not incorrectly. For example -- when your bird screams at the top of its lungs, be careful not to scream and yell back or else it will get the idea that screaming is good. Your screaming back tells it that screaming is okay. If you are silent and do not react to your bird's screaming, the bird knows that this action does not get your attention and will, most likely, not scream as much as do other activities which get your full attention. When your bird talks or says a word, an overblown reaction such as "GOOD BIRD!!!!!!" or "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING" in a very loud and cheerful voice will encourage your bird to repeat what it did to get that reaction from you.

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