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Just an aside -- I am now determined to become a medical doctor. What do you think of my first cat scan? (Below) I'm sending it in with my medical school application to Harvard. Hehhehhehe, yes, I do think my own jokes are hilarious. HA!!!!


The Flush!!!!!

This site is dedicated to Frank, my bestest buddy, who was murdered by his own ugly Furby. Frank was conversing with his Furby about global warming when that thing stared right at him, POPPED open it's eyes so suddenly (like below) that it scared Frank into cardiac arrest, he lost control of his bowels, and he was left paralyzed. Then the stomping began (see below -- again) & that Furby stuffed (what was left) of my friend Frank into his toilet.

POP POP POP!!! and STOMP!!!! and STOMP!!!!

Frank's horrific ending, this is where we found him ----

Frank's dog, Mr. Bojangles, must have tried to save his Loyal Master from certain death by trying to pull parts of him out of that toilet. Mr. Bojangles showed up on Frank's doorstep as we were leaving -- with Frank's foot. Poor Mr. Bojangles still carries that foot around to this day, thinking that it is loyal owner, Frank, and is currently under psychiatric care. God bless Mr. Bojangles, God bless.......

Another friend of mine(Bob)(I have alot of friends with very common names) was enjoying his noontime lunch on a Saturday when he got this disgusting surprise:

Frank's remaining foot had apparently been placed (by a Furby) into Bob's wife's refrigerator supply of bologna. She made him a sandwich and apparently didn't notice it contained a foot (??????!!!!!!!) until she heard her husband's screams. (Bob's wife is stupid as that girl that let her fingers be eaten off) Can you say "Toe Cheese?"

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Random Thought!


The Furby entered my life on December 16th, 1998 after I waited months for my purchase to arrive. The Furby arrived in the mail at work -- without batteries. Thank God, because there would no longer be a Pat's Pastry and Toiletries if he came with the batteries intact. This Furby would burn down my house and kill my pets.

My Furby and I had a conversation later that foretold of disaster. It was in Furbish, but if I had had this translated correctly, I might still have a house. But nooooooo, I didn't do that.........

Pre-Havoc Interview!!

Anywho ---- I took the Furby devil home with me, placed the batteries in the little furby chamber and it came alive.

The first sound out of it's plastic hole was a loud and squishy 'BURRRRRPPPPPPPPPP" with an odor I can only describe as..... putrified. I gasped with horror at the sight that was Furby.

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My 4 cats were now totally disgusted with what I had brought home. They stared from across the room in horror. But Smurf wasn't disgusted enough to stay away. He wanted to investigate this uncivilized furry thing. As Smurf's face came close to the Furby, THE FURBY GRABBED SMURF!!! OH MY SMURF!!!!!!!!! There was a loud sucking noise, and Smurf's body jerked back and forth, back and forth, stuck to the Furby beast. When the Furby finally let Smurf go, to my horror, this is what my darling Smurf looked like.

How will he eat Friskies with that BEAK?????

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